Giunto di dilatazione Transflex e giunti in gomma Transflex

Informazioni di Base

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Informazioni di Base
  • Model No.: 250
  • Tipo : Costruire Materiale di tenuta
  • Ceiling Tile Forma : Striscia
  • Materiale : Plastica
  • Spessore : 4,0 millimetri
  • Ceiling Tile Type : Soffitti in fibra di vetro
  • Trattamento Della Superficie : Spray Painted
  • Funzione : Fonoassorbenti
  • Certificazione : CE
  • Colore : Nero
  • uso : All'aperto
Informazioni Aggiuntive..
  • Trademark: HT
  • Packing: Tray
  • Standard: CE
  • Origin: China
  • HS Code: 40082900
  • Production Capacity: 100000meter/Years
Descrizione del prodotto

— — — — Transflex expansion jointDescription of Transflex expansion jointA) It makes bridge smooth and seamless, and it's good for preserving, cleaning and moving snow. B) The structure is simple, no need to have special stretch frame and anchoring steel bar. Construction is convenient and fast. C) It could absorb all kinds of deformations and shaking. And its damping property is high and it's good for bridge shock absorption. D) Best sealing and waterproof property and anti-acid-base and corrosion. E) Low cost of construction, durable and remarkable economic benefit and social benefit. Installed constructionBecause expansion joints are installed at a late stage in construction, some of these movements will have at least partly already taken place. Consequently, expansion joints have to facilitate a smaller degree of overall movement than a bearing at the same location. Hengte deck joints are constructed and designed to prevent damage to the deck, bearings, piers, and abutment by water borne chemicals and other foreign materials, either by preventing water leakage through the joint or by allowing water to drain through the joint in such a way that avoids damaging the deck, bearingsDeck movement joint is generally defined as a structural discontinuity between two elements, at least one of which is a deck element, and is designed to allow relative translations and rotations due to: Thermal expansion and contraction of the superstructure, concrete shrinkage or creep, elastic shortening due to pre-stressing, of the structure under load, or any other action the desk is subjected to. The automated production with a robot is fast and accurate which provides a repeatable high quality. Another aspect of using industrial robots for the production of rubber expansion joints is the possibility to apply an individual reinforcement layer instead of using pre-woven fabric. The fabric reinforcement is pre-woven and cut at the preferred bias angle. With individual reinforcement it is possible to add more or less fiber material at different sections of the product by changing the fiber angles over the length of the productBridge expansion joints are structural components designed to provide smooth passage over the gap between adjacent sides of a deck joint, while also permitting relative translation and/or rotation of the two sides of a bridge deck (deck movement joint)

 modelli  adattamento del movimento  lunghezza del modulo  profondità del modulo larghezza del modulo   peso del modulo diam. della vite prigioniera 
 150  38mm  1750mm  A
 28kg  D
 200  50mm  1830mm  40mm  274mm  45kg  14mm
 250  65mm  1830mm  46mm  356mm  62kg  14mm
 300  80mm  1830mm  54mm  432mm  88kg  16mm
 400  102mm  1830mm  54mm  590mm  150kg  16mm
 650  165mm  1830mm  75mm  724mm  260kg  20mm
 900  230mm  1830mm  93mm  890mm  375kg  24mm
 1300  330mm 1220mm   127mm  1207mm  438kg  27mm
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